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The foundations of Confucian ethics are

Superior – subordinate
Father – son
Older brother – younger brother
Husband – wife
Friend – friend

Confucian VIRTUES

• Proper behaviour (li)
Humanity (ren)
Doing one’s duty (yi)
Knowing what is right (shi)
Reciprocal care of others (shu)
Respect, fulfilling the obligations of a child (xiao)


Chinese Religion

Carsun Chang

 Kang Youwei
Mou Tsung-san

 Liang Qichao

Noble persons first practise what they preach and afterwards preach according to their practise.
Confucius, Analects, 2.13

A leader is best when people barely know that he exists. Of a good leader, who talks little, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, the people will say, “We did this ourselves”.
Lao-tsu, Tao Te Ching, ch. 1

If one has sinned against Heaven, there is no one to pray to.
Confucius, Analects, 3.13

Fan Chi asked about the meaning of humanity. The Master replied: “To love all people”.
Confucius, Analects, 12.22

A benevolent man extends his love for those he loves to those he does not love.
Mencius 7B, 1

Treat the aged of your own family in a manner befitting their venerable age and extend this treatment to the aged of other families. Treat your own young in a manner befitting their tender age and extend this to the young of other families.
Mencius, 1A, 7

As for the wise, when they aspire to wealth, they acquire it by honest and ethical means.
Confucius, Analects, 4.2

Practise moderation in all things; do not be overzealous - adopt moderation as your life principle.
Confucius, Analects, 6.29

If there is righteousness in the heart, there will be beauty in the character. If there is beauty in the character, there will be harmony in the home. If there is harmony in the home, there will be order in the nation. If there is order in the nation, there will be peace in the world.

The three religions [Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism] become one.
inscription on a stele at the Shaolin Monastery, Henan Province, China

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