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To safeguard peace, freedom and justice; to strengthen democratic institutions; to combat poverty; and to preserve a sound natural environment for the generations yet to come these are the global challenges of today.

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The Konrad Adenauer Foundation

For more than 40 years, the Konrad Adenauer Foundation has been co-operating with partners in over 120 countries in order to cope with these challenges.

KAF’s international activities aim at
implementing the principle of non-violent conflict resolution,
supporting democracy, the rule of law and a vibrant civil society,
respecting human rights and promoting human responsibilities,
furthering mutual understanding, respect, appreciation
and co-operation between different nations, cultures, ethnics and religions,
promoting the unique German concept of social market economy,
i.e. a holistic concept of a sustainable market economy
encompassing well-balanced economic, social, ecological
and ethical development,
fighting the causes of poverty, and
encouraging environment protection.

In fact, this is an active peace policy on a global scale.

The Konrad Adenauer Foundation was named after the first Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany and is guided by the principles of Konrad Adenauer (1876-1967), who is one of the founding fathers of a modern, peaceful and truly democratic Germany and of a united Europe, too. In addition, KAF’s values are derived from both the Catholic Christian Social Teachings and the Protestant Christian Ethics. However, KAF is open to all faiths and belief systems as well as to atheists and non-believers, as long as they subscribe in word and deed to the universal values of peace, freedom, justice, human rights, democracy and the rule of the law.

Legally speaking, KAF is a non-governmental organization registered in the German Registrar of Societies and recognised by the German Inland Revenue as a non-profit-making institution. It has strong ties to the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) Party for which KAF serves as a think-tank and a training institution. However, all KAF training programmes are open to the general public, too.

The Konrad Adenauer Foundation was founded in 1956 in order to conduct civic education for public servants, public opinion leaders and politically-interested citizens in order to promote peace, freedom, justice, democracy, the rule of law and the unique German concept of social market economy (Soziale Marktwirtschaft).

In Germany, KAF – apart from its headquarters in Berlin – operates an academy, two centres and 21 institutes of political education. More than 60 representative offices abroad are running dialogue, education and development programmes together with over 200 foreign partner organizations in more than 120 countries.

Peace and freedom, these are the foundations of humane existence. Without peace and freedom, nations cannot develop, and mankind can enjoy neither happiness nor tranquility.

Peace for the individual is impossible without peace for the community. Nor can peace for the individual be achieved without peace for the entire nation. But peace without freedom is no peace at all.

Konrad Adenauer, 1952

Our enemies of today are not other nations. Our enemies of today are poverty, ignorance, disease and discrimination. What we need is co-operation based on the idea that the entire world is one human family. Ignorance and lack of understanding among Asian, African and Western nations is the greatest danger we are facing today.

Konrad Adenauer, 1957

“Without knowledge about each other, there can be no mutual understanding and appreciation. And, without mutual understanding there can be neither mutual respect nor mutual trust. This is why the Konrad Adenauer Foundation shall continue its programmes of inter-cultural and inter-religious dialogues which have proved successful for decades.

The interaction of different religions, cultures and philosophical belief systems is the challenge of today. Therefore, inter-cultural dialogue is important. Every responsible politician has to promote it and has to participate in this dialogue.”

Bernhard Vogel, KAF Chairman, 2002

“The Konrad Adenauer Foundation counters the horror scenario of a clash of civilizations with the future vision of a permanent inter-cultural dialogue.

We need to have more knowledge about each other and, in consequence, more mutual understanding and appreciation.”

Wilhelm Staudacher, KAF Secretary General, 2002


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