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Greetings from the Global Ethic
A keynote address from the
Minister of Education of Malaysia


Greetings from the Global Ethic Foundation

This website of the exhibition World Religions – Universal Peace – Global Ethic invites you to explore the fascinating world of the religions so that you can have a better understanding of the importance of their ethical messages for our present-day society.

People of all religions know far too little about one another; above all they know far too little about what all the religious and ethical traditions have in common. This website tries to contribute towards changing that.

It does not just set out to provide information about religions in an objective and detached way. Nor, however, does it engage in mission on behalf of one religion or another, or even a new world religion. Rather, it aims to provide orientation and to challenge you to think again about the importance of the great religions for humankind.

So let me invite you to the website, led on by my vision of hope:

No peace among the nations
... .without peace among the religions.
No peace among the religions
... .without dialogue between the religions.
No dialogue between the religions
.. ..without global ethical standards.
No survival of our globe
......without a global ethic.

I am grateful to all who have made this possible.

Hans Küng
Global Ethic Foundation
Tübingen, Germany


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