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What is the Global Ethic?
What is the Golden Rule?
The Golden Rule in world religions
Every human being
must be treated humanely
Have respect for life!
Deal honestly and fairly!
Speak and act truthfully!
Respect and love one another!



Deal honestly and fairly!

Greedy people lose their ‘souls’ – that which makes them human

In the great ancient religious and ethical traditions of humankind, we find the directive: You shall not steal! Or in positive terms: Deal honestly and fairly!

Let us reflect anew on the consequences of this ancient directive:
No one has the right to rob or dispossess in any way whatsoever
any other person or the commonweal.
Further, no one has the right to use her or his possessions
without concern for the needs of society and Earth.

Let no one be deceived:
There is no global peace without global justice! Young people must learn at home and in school that property, limited though it may be, carries with it an obligation, and that its uses should at the same time serve the common good. Only thus can a just economic order be built up.

From the ‘Declaration Toward a Global Ethic’ of
the Parliament of the World’s Religions, Chicago 1993.

Fat cats still creaming pay. A close-knit highly paid elite in Britain’s top ompanies are awarding each other massive pay rises.
Glasgow Herald

Three found guilty of selling meat condemned as pet food to humans.

Bribery scandal threatens President.

Sleaze unites all the parties in French election.
Daily Telegraph

You go out thieving to buy your drugs. There’s nothing else to do.

Corruption brings fear for safety of China’s Three Gorges Dam.
Daily Telegraph

Slavery ‘worse now than under Roman empire’. Slaves are cheaper and more plentiful than ever.

Not worth a shrug. If you think that corruption is a victimless crime,
try Tanzania.

Greed is good again. The stock market has become the vehicle for a mass pursuit of instant riches.

Corruption halts relief convoys in Albania. Dozens of lorries have been trapped for days.
Daily Telegraph


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