w w w . g l o b a l e t h i c p e n a n g . n e t.

What is the Global Ethic?
What is the Golden Rule?
The Golden Rule in world religions
Every human being
must be treated humanely
Have respect for life!
Deal honestly and fairly!
Speak and act truthfully!
Respect and love one another!



Respect and
love one another!

Responsibility for
your partnerís happiness

In the great ancient religious and ethical traditions of humankind, we find the directive: You shall not commit sexual immorality! Or in positive terms: Respect and love one another!

Let us reflect on the consequences of this ancient directive:

No one has the right to degrade others to mere sex objects, to lead them into or hold them in sexual dependency.

Let no one be deceived: There is no authentic humaneness without a living together in partnership. Young people must learn at home and in school that sexuality is not a negative, destructive or exploitative force, but creative and affirmative. The relationship between women and men should be characterized not by patronizing behaviour or exploitation, but by love, partnership, and trustworthiness.

From the ‘Declaration Toward a Global Ethic’
of the Parliament of the World’s Religions, Chicago 1993.

They took my body from me and used it. Drugged and raped in her hotel room.

Paedophile network abused 200 children.

Call girls to be questioned in cricket scandal.

Britons face jail over Internet paedophile club.
The Times

Sierra Leone rebels practised systematic sexual terror.
Washington Post

Women ‘sold into sexual slavery’.
Irish Times

Sex trade enslaves East Europeans.
Washington Post

South Africa new centre for child sex.
The Times

I million children are ‘abused every year’.
Daily Telegraph

Domestic violence explodes. An epidemic of domestic violence is sweeping Britain’s homes.


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